Work, Work, Work it out!

Good Morning my lovelies!

I hope you all got a good night's rest and enjoyed a wonderful breakfast this morning :)
It's chilly out here in Calgary this morning, the winter months seem to last longer and longer with each year that passes. This of course does not stop this girl from going to the gym!

Last night was legs night! Which of course means... my legs are sore today! It's a good feeling though (hard to explain to people that don't obsess at the gym haha) I can feel how great of a workout I had though and I love it! 

So what did I do last night.....

Here was my workout. It was grand! 
When you see "4x10 lunges passing 10lb weight through legs"... it means you walk across the gym while doing lunges (do not let your knee go past your toes) and while doing this you pass a weight between your legs. If your left leg is lunging, take the weight in your right hand, pass under your right leg and hold with your left hand. Switch legs and repeat! You will definitely feel this one, so ladies if you're looking to tone those thighs this is for you!

Happy Tuesday!
Eat Clean & Train Dirty

xxx Jessica 

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