My life in a nutshell.

Hello my lovely bloggers :)

First of all, I need to confess something.....
I rarely post, but I always read!
So beware haha! I may not post, but I always follow your blogs!

Life has been pretty normal for me. D and I are still inseparable, his school schedule has changed slightly which makes it hard for us to see each other as often. I work the same, now I just focus on the gym a lot more! We are both very excited for our first Christmas together.

The gym and I have a love/hate relationship.
I love it, it hates on me the next day. Hello sore body!

I instagram my life, so if you wanna creep check it out.... @mzjessicaxo

This weekend we celebrated my dad's 50th birthday! 
We decided to gift him with Euros so he can go on a trip :)
He loved it!

We got him a castle cake (He is a history buff and wants to go see the castles!)
Saturday night was great, we had 35 of his friends and family surprise him at his place! 
I made him some appetizers, and everyone brought treats and snacks for the evening.

My appetizers!
Pictured above; Crackers topped with a ricotta cheese, basil, prosciutto, and half a cherry tomato :)
They were delish, healthy, and a hit at the party! 
(It's great to have a chef boyfriend to help with these ideas)

Since, I go to the gym on a daily basis and I pretty much live and breathe fitness and health I thought I would use my blog as an outlet to motivate other bloggers :)
Feel free to ask questions or post your stories, I would love to hear it all. 
I will also post workouts for you guys to switch up your routines, or just check out what I'm doing to stay fit.

Set weights as necessary by your strength!
Tip: Track your progress! Keep a journal of your workouts or key parts of them to track and see your improvements!
** I post my workouts just like this one of instagram, make sure to follow!

Love & Light



  1. Well hello there my long lost lovely! It's great to see you! That appetizer looks delicious! Great work staying focused on the gym. I know what you mean about love/ legs were HATING me this morning, but I told them to suck it up and lift heavier! LOL! Have a great week!

    1. Ang!! Hey girl! I missed ya! You deserve a pat on the back too, you work hard in the gym and you look fabulous!!!


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